Monday, October 4, 2010

Dentist Adventure

So I came across this video a while back, and I swear the first time I watched this I could not stop laughing. This kid's mother recorded them being f*cked up on pain medication after the dentist.May I point out that they live unnaturally far away from their dentist? I've always lived within 5 miles of my dentist. But then again, this was oral surgery and I'm not sure if most dentists in my (ghetto) area qualify as such.

Regardless, this is really funny, and these kids are great. I swear if I ever have kids that have wisdom teeth coming in sideways, I'll record their painkiller trip. Out of love, of course. Who wouldn't want to video tape their kids acting ridiculous. Every time I watch this video I think "Thank god I was one of the lucky ones. My wisdom teeth are coming in fine"... I recently had to get my teeth cleaned which wasn't s bad except the scraping of the gums. I hate the scraping of the gums it hurts D:

At least they had a little fun with it. Has anybody else acted silly after a trip to the dentist? Or better yet, what was your best or worst experience at the dentist?


  1. OH GOD THAT PICTURE D: I haven't acted silly after the dentist but I sounded silly once because the dentist was stupid and managed to get my tongue with the numbing agent instead of my gums where they were supposed to >_>

  2. Yeah I remember I had to have a tooth removed and they shot pain killer into my gums and it traveled to my lips and mouth so I was like drooling. I felt weird.