Friday, October 1, 2010

Money Troubles? Pshhh

Call the waaaambulance!
OK, so I know I haven't been posting for a couple weeks, and I feel pretty weird about it. This is kind of like a anti-boredom thing for me, because I usually go all out with my posts. I capitalize, I spell check as I go, correct my grammar, even add pictures.

I try and make my blog interesting and not just about my own whining. Of course, there are the few  posts where I just can't help myself but whine whine whine into the internet. :) But at least my wine comes with cheese.

Recently while surfing failblog at work, I came across two videos. Now the first one I thought was exceptionally beautiful. It reminded me so much of a bunch of things/feelings that I actually got a tear to my eye.

Ahhhh, art. The wonderful world of art has made me come out of my shell once again. That's why I love art so much. Heck, I went to an arts school. This one to be exact. Metro-Arts. If you're in my area, this is a great school. It's so laid back. Ever seen the movie Fame? It's kind of like that except not as dramatic.

Anyway, I'm now a graduate of Metro Arts, and I am reallllly missing High School about now. This is the second video that I saw that was awe inspiring. A lot of students from my school went to college for animation such as this :).

Now that I've given you the cheese, now have some whine ;3.

This looks delicious.
So the reason I've titled this money problems is because while my boyfriend was in Texas, I went a little overboard with my spending. I spent the money I usually put away to pay rent (BAD IDEA) thinking that my next check would cover it (which it normally does).

The only problem is, I called in sick one of those days because I woke up puking, and lost money. I also was scheduled a short shift another day which intern, I lost some money.

Now, let me put it in perspective. This apartment costs $550 a month, plus around $40 for water. Not to mention I have to pay Cox $46, and Allstate $25 around the same due date as rent. When I got my paycheck I almost died, because I only made about $525. Then, Chase decided to charge me their annual fee of $25 Y_Y. SO I ended up borrowing $175 dollars from my mother. I didn't want to borrow more money than what I owed.

And I get paid on the 7th, so I'll be paying my mother back. After putting money away for rent, and paying my other monthly expenses, I'll have $90 left to buy food and toiletries. o-o Normally I have double that and then a little bit more left over. Keep in mind, I haven't bought food since the paycheck before last. That's a whole freaking month. So I'm down to ramen, rice, no butter, no milk, no bread, maybe a can of vegetables, and two pieces of chicken. I'm living with my roommate.

So I'm basically going hungry. It really sucks being poor. And I won't be back to normal until my paycheck after this next one! D: God, talk about when it rains it pours.

Hope you enjoyed the story my woes :3. Good thing after it pours the sun comes out, I'll be okay.


These are some other awesome videos. :)

So awesome.

I gotta get me some Sunny-D and Rum ;)