Monday, September 13, 2010

So Ronery

My boyfriend is leaving for Texas tomorrow, and will arrive over there on Wednesday. He'll be gone until the 20th.

I live in a studio apartment with him, so I don't have any room mates that can keep me company for that long and all my good friends live out of walking distance (and of course neither of us have a car). So it's not like they'd be able to hang out with me the whole time.

I hate that he gets to go without me. I should've been able to go, but his dad was paying for the tickets, and he works overseas and can't just go to the post office to send a money order or anything. We had to rely on his stepmother. His step mother gets $7000 a month from his dad. She was supposed to send us $300 so that both of us could go.

She procrastinated for the longest time and kept bringing up how 'oh this and that is broke, and this and that needs fixing before I can give you money'. Half of which was total bullshit because now that his dad is back in the states for a month, he's going to fix all the shit thats broken for cheap anyway.

Either way it ended up to where she only sent us like $160. And the tickets before that had been $166. She sent us the money too late, and the tickets went up in price to $240. So then his real mother had to send us money so that he could go. So we ended up spending twice as much for one ticket because his step mother was being an idiot. But I digress.

My point is, I'm going to be lonely for a whole week working with no one to fill the dead air but my cat. How am I going to deal with it? I already have a short attention span, so video games won't tide me over. The internet only occupies me for so long. ;A; guh I hate it he gets to go on vacation and I can't.

/my whining. Here's some weird pictures.


I love alt art. :3

Link finally snapped.